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Information is Key:

This concept is not a new idea. Thomas Jefferson, our nation’s third president said that, “Information is the currency of democracy.”

Providing Information is Our Job:

We help businesses make fast, accurate decisions. By providing our clients with accurate and timely information that is easy to access they are better able to stay ahead of their competitors. We provide information via online programs, e- reports and printed reports.

Data is Abundant:

We transform data into useful information, and that information into insight. Without the means to sort, depict and otherwise make sense of data, it can be overwhelming and often times misleading. Our information is clear, concise and easy to use and understand. We have been helping businesses for over 24 years with information derived from deeds, tax records, permits, maps, mortgages and more.

Real Estate Information Service has the Information You Can Build On!

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Providing information solutions to financial institutions, real estate professionals, appraisers, builders, developers, investors, attorneys and retail establishments since 1985.



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